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Sacha combines a passion for design with her extensive knowledge to produce creative and innovative gardens. She enjoys working closely with clients, encouraging an open exchange of information, with a view to designing their perfect garden.

“My passion for gardens started when I was young and has grown in strength ever since. Reinforced by extensive travel around the world I love nothing more to take influences from different genres of international garden design and apply them to our climate and English sensibilities. It is fascinating to me how the history of garden design moves across time and space to influence how we use and design our gardens.”

Sacha has a unique international perspective with her work overseas but always having one foot firmly rooted in England. She enjoys working closely, face to face with clients here in the UK to ensure that your aesthetic ideal is turned into a reality. Your finished garden design will be the culmination of a mutual collaboration between you and your ideas and aspirations and us. We will produce a design for you that incorporates your own wants while really being taken to the next level.


"Sacha is passionate about landscaping, fun to work with, great value for money and I would highly recommend her as a necessary service in maximising your property to its full potential. The landscaping Sacha has been involved in has brought my villa to life. So thank you."

Hugh Alexander
Satori Villa, Sri Lanka


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