Garden Design Course

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A course that allows you to design your own garden from scratch.

The course covers garden design principles, mood boards, different design techniques, colour theory, garden styles and basic surveying – everything you need to create a beautiful, coherent and tailored design for your garden.

It will also be a valuable taster for anyone with the desire to take further professional training in the garden design field.

Mood Board Example

Students who enrol should start to tear pictures from magazines which show images that they like or feel inspired by for their garden. These will be used to help with the design process during the course.

Please be aware that this is an intensive course with some self study needed.

For more information please see the Sussex Flower School.



"I learned so much and enjoyed coming to your clases. I am now clear with my plans for the garden planting, and am busy digging and planting most days. So I would simply like to say a big Thanks for your encouragement and generous sharing of knowledge throughout the course."

Andrew Haveron


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