1. Consultation

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Although based in Brighton, we are able to travel easily to you for the initial consultation. This is our first chance to exchange ideas and for Sacha to listen to your needs and aspirations for your garden.

We have an in-depth questionnaire covering all aspects of the garden from fire pits to ponds, food production to sustainability. We will also look at your land to start to assess its potential. We will spend some time in your garden walking over it, sketch pad in hand. In this way we can truly identify how you feel about the different areas.

We can think about many different things – the views that you like, how you naturally move through the space, where there might be a beautiful spot to sit down, whether you would like to eat outside or under cover, whether you would you like to entertain, how many people, and whether you prefer a formal, sleek and modern feel or softer, informal lines

We will also look at a series of books and inspirational images which will start to tap into your style and help to unlock your stylistic/creative intentions.


Get in Touch

If you need a garden design we’d love to help! Every project is different so the first step is to start talking. Why not let us call you, click here to send your details.